Monthly service is our primary, most recommended and widely used method for best overall pest control. This service allows us to provide you with excellent, consistent and effective pest maintenance. Our licensed technicians will regularly inspect your property once a month and apply our highest quality products to help ensure that you live in a safe and pest-free zone.


Bi-monthly provides our service every other month. This service is recommended for those who do not have a persistent pest problem. This service has a limited number of callbacks per our guarantee. If you find yourself having a bigger problem than originally observed, we can roll you into one of our other services.


Even though our monthly service rates are extremely competitive, a request we often get from those who might be on a tighter budget is for our seasonal option. With this plan, our technicians will service your house a total of eight times during the year. Five services during the summer (every month) and three services throughout the rest of the seasons (every other month). This will ensure that you will receive the proper service you need during the summer while pests are most active, while also providing home protection that is important to maintain during the cooler months.


Quarterly services are done only 4 times a year.

One time services are just that, one time only. We do not guarantee this service because we cannot ensure that a single service call, even with the best quality products available, will rid you of a potentially ongoing pest problem.

Guaranteed Services

Our monthly and seasonal services offer a full call back guarantee. If you continue to see problems between your service dates we will send a technician out to take care of the problem.

Our Bi-Monthly services offer a similar guarantee but callbacks are limited.