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Every company that has ever provided my home with a service is judged based off of their customer service. From the minute they walk in the door I am making determining the quality of work that is being done, and a huge portion of that quality is graded upon customer service. For 30 years Alias the Bugman has found pride in the fact that we are a small mom and pop company that uses word of mouth to do our advertising. And we understand that our reputation largely relies upon how we treat our customers, it also helps when we kill the bugs! Our business only grows if customers refer us to their friends and family, and they will only refer us if we meet their needs and treat them well!

Our technicians from the time they are hired, are trained in customer service. We here in the office say that our job is 80% customer service and 20% about killing bugs. Anyone can go down to their hardware store about buy bug spray (which is definitely not as good as the stuff we use!) but people are looking for a trained professional, who knows exactly what chemicals to use and where to use them. Above all of that they want someone who treats and services them as if they were family. We tell our guys, “Spray each house as if it were your mothers house.”

So tell us how we are doing! Do you feel that your needs are being met? Send us an e-mail to, or find us on facebook at

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