Target pests in the valley


Having scorpions in or around your house, whether it be one or many, is no laughing matter. Scorpion stings can be quite dangerous and they will attack humans if disturbed. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge, skill, and products to help protect [...]

Rats and Mice

Rats aren't only annoying, but more importantly, they're a health hazard. These germ infested rodents have a tendency to live in your attic or even burrow beneath your home or business. Alias the Bugman offers services to rid your home and yard of [...]

Other General Pests

From spiders to ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, and beetles, we offer an array services to rid your home and business of nearly any kind of crawling insect, pest and vermin that is part of our Southern Nevada ecosystem.

Who is Alias The Bugman?

Alias the Bugman began in 1987. Donna and Brad Canfield bought an existing company and began working with just themselves and 1 route. Brad serviced the route and Donna kept the books and servicing schedule organized. Through their hard work, the company grew. Brad then hired one of his sons to work some of the new customer visits after school. Later they would hire their first full-time employee and the company has continued to grow.


In 2007 Alias the Bugman purchased another pest control company which nearly doubled their size and also allowed them to bring on additional partners. Maintaining their desire to associate with friends and family, Lee and Mary Kaye Robison joined as partners to help assist with the now larger company and its continued growth.


Today Alias the Bugman has 9 employees and 4 routes and we pride ourselves in being a closely knit business, both with our employees and our valued customers. The office is managed by Bobbie Kuehn and assisted by Blair Canfield, both of whom are relatives of Donna and Brad. In keeping with our desire to be a “family” business, all of our dedicated technicians are friends or family of the owners and we continue to grow larger year by year, but never forgetting the importance of each customer!

Other news from Alias

Refer a friend!

We love to reward those who help us. If you refer a friend, co-worker, dad, mom, uncle, maybe that weird cousin you don't talk to anymore, or anyone really, we will pay you $25.00 as long as they mention that [...]

Buzzin Bees

Alias the Bugman is buzzing, especially during the warmer months of the year! Africanized honey bees have become a big problem in our valley. They are aggressive, dangerous and have been known to attack anyone who comes near them. But [...]

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